Who We Are

The Tuke Institute is steered by its founder and Chairman, Dr. Rupert Whitaker, who works in tandem with its Researchers. The Institute is guided by three Advisory Groups focusing on different aspects of the organisation.


To develop the scientific portfolio and policy-direction of the Tuke Institute in consultation with the following groups:


The Researchers’ energies are the fuel on which the Institute runs. They focus on analysing policy and data-bases, creating new research, and helping to deliver the organisation’s outputs.

Scientific Advisors

To develop the necessary scientific studies to inform policy on health-effective medical practice. The group consists of scientists from UK, USA, Canada, and continental Europe.

Organisational Advisors

To develop the Tuke Institute as an organisation so that it can deliver its intended outcomes.

Public and Service-Advisors

To advise on the feasibility of policy applications in real-life medical services; it consists of members of the public affected by illness, clinicians (affected or not by illness), administrators, and policy-makers. This group is currently under re-development