This page lists the current vacancies (if any) at the Tuke Institute

Communications/Journalism: intern(s)

The Tuke Institute is a nascent international action-research organisation working in health-services’ design and social justice. It promotes a vision of health-services that are effective in helping people get well and stay well, that treat the whole person’s needs, that are free at the point of use, that are cost-effective within an ecological, true-costs framework, and that are delivered for the public’s benefit first and foremost. To realise its vision, the Tuke Institute has a comprehensive action-research, advocacy- and consultancy-programme, with new approaches to civil capacity-development, education, and participative advocacy. We are seeking to implement these programmes more fully and promote our vision.

We are looking for 1-2 interns to work in communications and health-journalism. The intern’s area of existing knowledge would be in science and/or journalism or public relations, with a strong interest in health and health-services’ issues. The person assuming such a role would have a diverse challenge and be encouraged to be creative. Motivation and responsibility are required. If more than one person is taken on, you would be expected to work together to overcome challenges and to share projects creatively.

This is an unpaid position currently and would be of value to those seeking applied experience in a situation that encourages creativity and provides an opportunity to show future employers what you can do.


  1. screen news-wires and social media for news-stories

  2. blog and pitch articles to print and online media related to the Tuke Institute foci

  3. enable and promote citizen-journalism through an online system of your creation

  4. promote the work of the Tuke Institute to media, opinion-makers, service-commissioners, and patient-groups

  5. develop audiences, using social media, the Tuke Institute’s website, blogging etc.

  6. establish the communications-systems for the Tuke Institute, consolidating existing methods

  7. develop communications-protocols and -strategies

  8. collaborate with, and peer-train, researchers

  9. meet weekly with the Chairman to report and assess progress

Location: tele-commuting / with occasional travel to central or South-East London

Start date: now (but the position comes open regularly)

Duration: tailored to intern, but a minimum of 2 days/week for a minimum of 3 months.

Ideal characteristics of the applicant

  1. a good Bachelor’s or higher degree in social or behavioural science, public health or similar, communications, media studies, or journalism, with a knowledge of critical theory

  2. emotionally mature, self-motivated, goal-directed person who is capable of working autonomously and remotely

  3. excellent interpersonal and public communication-skills with an attitude towards joint problem-solving

  4. excellent written and spoken English

  5. a passion for health-service advocacy and social justice

  6. a commitment to career-development, which will be supported

  7. a knowledge of practical IT issues

  8. own computer with Skype functionality

  9. enthusiasm and a resilience to the difficulties of organisational growth

Additional, valued characteristics (non-exclusive)

  1. some experience working with online collaboration-systems

  2. own experience with chronic illness / disability

  3. previous work-experience

  4. older people working on a change of career or disabled people looking for career-reentry are very welcome

What you could expect to gain from the role:

  1. skills-development and supervised experience in professional and public communications involving journalism, network-, and audience-development

  2. a detailed letter of recommendation, given your commitment and more-than-minimal success in the position

  3. travel-costs and lunch

How to apply: by email to “” with CV and a cover letter addressing or expanding upon the characteristics specified above; samples of writing would be ideal.