The Tuke Institute has a clear purpose that is embodied in its statements of Mission, Aims, and Vision. Additionally, its purpose is indicated on the pages describing its Values andRationale. Please click on the links to the left to read further.

Our Mission:

The Tuke Institute is to assist both members of the public and medical professionals to maximise the quality of medical services to meet the public’s needs arising from illness.

Our Vision:

The Tuke Institute will bridge the gap between the public and medical professionals for the benefit of the public’s well-being – putting the public’s medical needs and experience of illness first – and helping medical professionals to meet those needs in the most effective way.

Our Aims:

  1. To affirm the stated values of the Institute and create ways to put them into effect
  2. To enable the public and professionals to perceive, understand, and advocate good medical practice
  3. To promote transparency and accountability in medical practice
  4. To minimise complaints and litigation through promoting good medical practice, effective amelioration, and systemic prevention
  5. To publish methods and standards in medical practice centred on the public’s needs
  6. To create scholarly debate on medicine in practice and to publish the results of such debate