Developing an Index of Health-Services’ Effectiveness

We’ve just posted a discussion-document about one of our projects, the Index of Health-Services’ Effectiveness ( This is proposed as a tool to help us as public and patients know which services help us to get well and to stay well — the essential purpose of health-services, after all. Current measures don’t do this, focused as they are on quality issues that, in themselves, are all well and good but don’t relate to health-outcomes. So, our document supports the government’s current draft of the NHS Mandate and shows a way in which health-services can be monitored in terms of their effectiveness. It would use information from a number of sources, including patients, providers, independent organisations, and the Tuke Institute itself. The document also identifies ways in which the results might be reported and used. We hope that you will have a look at the page ( and give us your feedback. We think it’s a crucial element missing in the toolkit of service-evaluation and it would ensure the most effective services are delivered for the patients’ benefit first and foremost. And that’s what the Tuke Institute is all about.

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